Zmajuga - Gamer Challenge 2018.


Rocket League is standard every day. I’m almost at the end of Tomb Raider, Metro: Last Light Redux, Flame in the flood, Spec Ops the line, and couple more so I’m about to finish those before I forget where am I in game. :confused:


Uninstall RL! I have the same freedom after doing that like I got when I deleted my Facebook profile. Freeeeeeedooooooooommmmm


I’ve finished SUPER HOT.


I’m one of them now.



It is incredible in VR…


Today I have finished nice indie survival game “THE FLAME IN THE FLOOD”.

It’s a game with nice visuals, solid gameplay, average story but bad at replay value unless you’re achievement chaser.

Game starts really nice, introducing you to the story and gameplay mechanics. There was a some sort of great flood happened and you must survive with your dog companion rafting down the river, trying to find dry land and loot remains of a cities, farms, etc. to ease your survival chance. As you progress the story keeps revealing but unfortunately grinding becomes more and more of the burden and game becomes less survival and more just rafting. I won’t spoil anything in case someone decide to try this game but I’ve felt that the game ending was rushed and pretty disappointing.

My personal score for this game is: 6/10

P.S. I loved the soundtrack! :+1:


Finished a great but fairly short “LARA CROFT GO” game.

Good puzzler with a nice visuals and great soundtrack.

For me it’s definitely better than Tomb Raider (2013) although much shorter in gameplay.

Personal score: 8/10

PS: I hope that Crystal Dynamics will put some challenging puzzles into new Tomb Raider.


How do you compare a turn based puzzle game with a third person shooterrrrr :laughing:


I compare it Tomb Raider to Tomb Raider game.

I just don’t like Rambo style Lara Croft with an IQ of amoeba and no puzzles as old games used to have. :grin:


Today I finished TOMB RAIDER (2013)

The graphics in this game is beautiful. The story and gameplay are good and game is steadily keeping the pace with the story unfolding. The sound could be better, but it is what it is. I loved the “upgrade skills and weapons” part od this game (I’m metrovania sucker XD), liked the action part, but didn’t like the almost complete lack of the puzzles in the game and quick time events. There are some find “this and that” quests, but they just become boring after a while.

Anyway it’s the game that I can recommend everyone to play.

My personal score: 8/10

I certainly have enjoyed playing this game and while it’s a great action game, there’s not enough “Tomb Raider” essence to call it a real Tomb Raider game and to give it a better score.


You’ll probably like Rise of the Tomb Raider more. That one is more Tomb Raider than Tomb Raider XD
I think Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be THE Tomb Raider game we all wanted.
Tomb Raider


Rise wasn’t as good!


Rise has more challenge tomb things



What an experience. This game is almost perfect.
Great story, great characters, great atmosphere, great sound and soundtrack and great graphics.
I enjoyed every minute of it.

I played on the hardest Survival mode where your resources ar scarce, where every bullet counts, air is 2-3 minutes max. You dont have a HUD to see how many bullets you have or any other info, so you need to count the bullets you have. It was really hard to complete it but finishing the game in survival mode has a whole different meaning of satisfaction.

To all of you: “This is a MUST PLAY game!”

My personal score: 9,5/10

I deducted half of a point because of some bugs, but nothing serious.


It’s on my short list


Someday you’ll finish a game I bought you in the last 2 years :frowning:


He beat to the moon last month :kissing_heart:


I didn’t buy him that


Uhhh…then hellblade


Can’t wait for metro exodusssss


Doesn’t count, that’s not a video game. It’s an experience