Zmajuga - Gamer Challenge 2019.


Today I have finished "COSTUME QUEST 2"

For me, this is one of those cartoony games that you just can’t hate.

It has a nice storyline, different than in the first game but nevertheless quite interesting.
You’re embarking on a quest to save Halloween where different costumes help you in combat. Something like Anthem but much better (pun intended).

Graphics are nice. Characters are straight from a kid’s cartoon.

Sound is nice with nice music.

Gameplay is classic JRPG which I love.

If you like JRPG games and you don’t have much gaming time, this one I recommend since it’s not too long. I’ve finished it in 8 hours.

Personal score: 8/10

/Thanks to @sYnCroSis for a gift!/


Time to finish all the previous gifts before hitting day 1000? :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually most of them were pretty much at the end, just Rocket League got in the way. I have taken @sYnCroSis advice to cut at Rocket League. Now I’m enjoying single player games. Have more time to play. But if I finish 'em until day 1000, that would be a great achievement. :wink:


Another day, another game finished. This time it’s "SPEC OPS: THE LINE"

War war never changes. And this was one fucked up journey.

This game has so messed up storyline, and not in negative way. Your choices through the game are important because end game is depending on them, and I love that kind of stories. The movie Apocalypse Now certainly had a lot of influence on the developers of this game.

Graphics are good for the time this game was made.

Sound is nice with some crazy rock ‘n’ roll to complete the Apocalypse Now atmosphere.

Gameplay is simple cover shooter with controls which can be frustrating, but once you get a grip of it, you keep sliding through the levels.

If you want to know what really happens during a war, play this game. Forget about new COD or Battlefield games. I have finished it in 8 hours and can recommend it for casual gamers who like action packed cover shooters.

Personal score: 8/10


Was a sneaky surprise of a good game