Zmajuga - Games completed in 2020.

ADVENTURE PALS : :spiral_calendar: January 10th | :stopwatch: 14 hours | :clipboard: 9/10

NieR: AUTOMATA : :spiral_calendar: January 15th | :stopwatch: 43 hours | :clipboard: 9/10

BORDERLANDS - THE PRE-SEQUEL : :spiral_calendar: January 16th | :stopwatch: 47 hours | :clipboard: 7.5/10

MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD : :spiral_calendar: February 26th | :stopwatch: 117 hours | :clipboard: 8/10

RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER : :spiral_calendar: March 1st | :stopwatch: 33 hours | :clipboard: 8.5/10

PROJECT WARLOCK : :spiral_calendar: March 7th | :stopwatch: 11 hours | :clipboard: 8.5/10

ETHERBORN : :spiral_calendar: March 8th | :stopwatch: 5 hours | :clipboard: 6/10

198X : :spiral_calendar: March 9th | :stopwatch: 1.6 hours | :clipboard: 4/10

SUBNAUTICA : :spiral_calendar: March 26th | :stopwatch: 63 hours | :clipboard: 9.5/10

BLACK MESA : :spiral_calendar: April 6th | :stopwatch: 24 hours | :clipboard: 9/10

GEARS 5 : :spiral_calendar: April 12th | :stopwatch: 17.8 hours | :clipboard: 7/10

TRANSISTOR : :spiral_calendar: October 31st | :stopwatch: 10 hours | :clipboard: 9/10

STRANGE BRIGADE : :spiral_calendar: October 31st | :stopwatch: 18 hours | :clipboard: 7/10 (multiplayer)


ADVENTURE PALS - :spiral_calendar: January 10th | :stopwatch: 14 hours | :clipboard: 9/10

This is one great adventure platformer game. Great humor, cute graphics, funny characters and a nice story. This game has it all.

Highly recommended, especially if you’re a fan of platformers.

Personal score 9/10

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The cover alone looks crazy :smiley:

I suppose it’s a losing battle trying to get people to give games their own thread.

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Let us like things, Gördööööön

I’m not saying not to. It’s nice to have all the discussion on a particular game in one thread. Ideally you could make an I-beat-shit threads linking to the game threads. That way we only have to read things that are of interest to us. And not miss out on things of interest because threads like this are ignored.

I might do that then. If I dont find a thread about a game, I’ll just make a thread about the game.

That’s literally what I’ve been doing since this forum began. Thx. When a thread exists, that’s when you see me always say “Thread resurrection!..”

Yup I like this format more.

Yup, lazy and intentionally fracturing information.

Just a way I like it. Fractured but whole. :slight_smile: EZ.

Shit game btw. I thought it would be more like stick of truth, but ended up being mobile lane based jank.

Regarding South Park game, I agree. Watching gameplay on Youtube was enough for me not to play it.