I'm still alive...

  • Alive, but life still sucks. My cell phone broke, nothing in my future that will allow a replacement.
    Computer getting older by the second… 7 years last month.

    Depression is a bitch. Gaming was my past time.

    I did manage to get the hard water spots off my car, using vinegar. Had no idea… it worked, but
    left “etching” in the paint that I can’t get off.

    Anyway, just wanted to say HI to everybody. Hope you are all doing better than me.

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    Glad you are still around. Hopefully things work out a bit better for you soon.

  • Hope things go better for the both of us mate.

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    The topic title made me think of this, maybe it’ll cheer you up some.

  • Was originally going to be an asshole and just comment with “Yeah man doing great”. Then I had a little chuckle and was over it. Hopefully things start turning around for you.

    It’s probably one of your lesser problems but I know the feeling of an aging computer. I’ve been playing Forza 3 Horizon lately and the game is kicking my computers ass. I can’t get a solid 30FPS in 1080p not even on the lowest settings. I have my phone app open monitoring my GPU/CPU. All 4 cores and my GPU sitting at 100% load. It’s a struggle man.

  • @Gutter I’m still alive too

  • Enos Tech Reviews

    Yay for still being alive :D

  • Godo to hear about you i been very inactive myself, a¿im sorry life is giving you hell but kick some ass, good luck man

  • Good to see you back. :D

  • Good to see all you guys still out there. hope things get better for all.

  • Hope things improve bud.

  • Thanks everyone.

    Life is still sucking. Something good has got to happen to me eventually right??..or …not?

    Anyway, thanks for the responses.

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