Newly built PC for a friend

  • This week I helped a friend build his first computer. I gave him some recommendations and he went with every one of them. I think it looks pretty good with the cable management. The Corsair 200R case isn’t a bad budget case. I like all the features. It’s almost like a simplistic version of my Carbide 500R. I’ll have to have him move some fans around but that’s about it. He’s going with my recommendation on putting the OS on the SSD and doing a registry edit to put the User files on the HDD. Not bad for around $1000. Here’s the specs:

    Intel i5-6600K
    ASRock Z170 Pro4S MOBO
    G-Skil Ripjaw V Series DDR4 3200 (2x8GB)
    Corsair H60 AIO Cooler
    EVGA NEX650G 80+ Gold Fully Modular PSU
    Gigabyte Windforce GTX 960
    SanDisk 256GB SSD
    Hitachi 2TB 7200 rpm HDD (Honestly don’t know why or how I suggested this maybe accidentally instead of HGST)
    Corsair Carbide 200R
    Two additional Corsair fans
    CM Devastator Keyboard and Mouse combo
    ASUS 1ms 23" monitor


  • admins

    That is pretty great for the price. Nice job putting this together.

  • @teh-g It looks like it was around $1250. The monitor, peripherals and Creative 2.1 speakers were the extra $250.

  • Great recommendations, i wish i had a friend like you back then when i build my first pc lol

  • Very nice. Good friends are hard to come by.

  • Looks nice.


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