Alright, saving and safe tends to be best.

  • In order to make sure no more shit screws me up on my upgrades I decided to take all the money I put togeather this month and lock it into a savings account I can not touch till next month in order to make sure I can upgrade my PC… It may take a extra month or two before I can get a new GPU after but… after seeing a post tat2teel put up with a I7 6700k, Z170 and 16gb ddr4… I found a similar one for 40 dollars less for the similar parts on newegg… so… saving everything this month and putting it with next months to upgrade my pc… like ub6 said once… just wait longer and save and you will get better stuff… atleast I think thats close to how he said it… Not to mention it will put me right in the middle of christmas sales…

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