A Big Thank You

  • Look I've been slow to do this & it's unforgiveable. It was not my intention to leave this unsaid.

    A huge thank you to @PeaceLeon who gifted me Grim Dawn last month. It was my hopes to give a thank you & a review at the same, but time and work got away from and I've had no time to do it.

    Also a massive thank you to @ShiftySatchmo who gifted me another game off my wishlist this weekend: Styx

    Both were horrendous driveby's with no hope of me dodging the philanthropy!

    Cheers guys for making my backlog list longer, with games that I want to play so very much! Thanks to you my kids will be allowed to use the lights this month again XD

  • @PeaceLeon bombarded me with some games lately as well. I don't even know why is he doing that but I'm glad I'm playing games with him a bit more. He's an awesome idiot. I mean, fella. I'll use this topic to thank him once more and also I'd like to tell him (since he ignores me currently on Steam): "KAI YOU DONUT, STOP LEVELING NEW JOBS IN FF14 AND START PROGRESSING THE STORYLINE AND THANK YOU FOR THE GAMES YOU GAVE ME."

  • Don't worry about that review, just enjoy the game when you have time to play it ;-)

  • @Katsuo Wait for the next weeks ... from Wednesday I will be on the road and won't be able to play much :'(

  • @Sgt_T8ie
    If you liked Diablo 2 and Titan Quest, then Grim Dawn is perfect game for you. I'm playing it and I like it. :)

  • Forum Mod

    Have fun!

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