GOG Connect returns

  • This ties in nicely with a post we had here regarding whether or not you own your games or not... I.e. what happens if Steam shuts down?

    Well GOG had a trial concept called GOG Connect that allowed you to link your Steam account to your GOG account to unlock certain games on the GOG platform. It lasted a month or two before it disappeared. I thought it dropped due to it being a failure, but now with the GOG Monstrous Sale it's returned with 20 New games available for redemption!

    What this means is that you link your Steam account to GOG for it to be able to see that you have the available game & then it is added into your GOG library, for free. It's worth a look & a connection because it may come back again with even more games in the future! Because remember GOG is DRM free too. Download& it's yours, I believe?

    Good Guys GOG.

  • @Sgt_T8ie yup works like a charm :)

    alt text

  • For me Witcher 2 & Eador: Genesis. I have Frozen Synapse Prime as opposed to simply Frozen Synapse & original Metro 2033 not Redux. But it's always good to be rewarded for doing nothing :)

    Hoping they move some bigger games (even if they're older) over in the future.

  • @Sgt_T8ie similar here I have Witcher I & II from steam on GoG and I hope that they will add S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and Metro: Last Light Redux ... That would complement my humble collection on GoG :)

    alt text

  • Risk of Rain, Frozen Synapse, and Frozen Cortex this go around for me.

    Connect is another example of how GOG goes above and beyond. I usually stick to buying 'classics' on there as I like everything in one place on Steam otherwise. But my library on GOG has doubled in size since they started connect. Many of the games like say Risk of Rain I already had DRM free thanks to Humble Bundle. When it comes time to travel though I usually tend to visit GOG first to pick games to load up on the lappy top for the adventure, so its nice to have more options there. All that being said, I don't even have Galaxy currently installed on my desktop PC.

  • Totally working :D


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