One more set back to add to my list.

  • I have been testing the R9 270 I was planning to sell recently, the same r9 270 I bought last december and started having mysterious issues not long after which I thought was my power supply, because the card benched fine and tested fine in another pc... however after several random shutdowns and testing Onboard & a GT 640 in the system I have come to the conclusion after all this time my PowerColor R9 270 has been defective all along so I can not sell it and have lost 50 dollars next month.

    EDIT: RMA Attempt In progress

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    @Gorkie Does it happen to fall in warranty or anything like that?

  • @teh-g Honnestly, I dont think I filed the warranty... I cant remember, and everything I read says PowerColor has the worst customer service. However I have just finished mailing the card to them under RMA so we will see what happens.

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