Remember that old post that is referenced below? :D

  • Re: What I’ve been up to…
    Well this is an upgrade, it’s a Tomos T18 (18 HP) 2-stroke outboard, it was just given to me because the guy didn’t use it… And kept it in his wood shed. Unfortunately some work must be done :)
    It was slightly seized, a can load of WD40 in the cylinders and it started moving again, however the stater is broken, seems the oil has leaked from the lower unit and no stand found… So I must make a stand first hehe :)

    Here you can see the caulk buildup inside the cooling chamber :)

  • Some progress has been made :D

    Stand made, fixed the starter mechanism, cleaned the carb and fuel pump, now the engine block must come off to replace the bottom gasket :)

  • admins

    This looks awesome. I could not even begin doing something like that…

  • @teh-g Well to be honest, this is not the first engine I have disassembled :P

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