Overclock Take 2 (FX 8320 + MSI 970 Gaming Mobo)

  • Redid my overclock, had some issues this morning that had to be ironed out and had to wait till this evening to do so. Ok so, After some extensive testing, research and such on making sure Voltage clocks were set right because I don’t want to fry my system after all. I put togeather a list of programs in order to stress test… A few things to remember, I need new fans I am currently running some very old fans and a mixture of them as well doubtfully more then 1-2 are PWM and there 120mm fans stuff I need to replace and as soon as I can afford get a NZXT Sentry 2 Fan Controller as well as a new AIO Liquid Cooler or a Air Cooler such as Cryorig or Be Quiet!.

    Case: ThermalTake H22 Versa
    CPU: FX 8320
    Cooler: Seidon 120v
    Motherboard: MSI 970 Gaming (According to the info I found this motherboard is a 8+2 VRM Phase)
    PSU: Corsair 600w 80+ Bronze
    GPU: (Temporary untill next month) R9 270X 2GBD5-PPDHE 2GB
    Ram: 4x4gb DDR3 Ripjaws Z (Stock 1600mhz has XMP profiles as well to bring it up to 1866mhz and im told this ram has been overclocked in the past to 2133 and was stable but I have not done so my self)
    OS: Windows 10
    Hard drives: AMD R3 120gb SSD (OS), 500gb Toshiba (2.5") HD, Segate 1tb HD (Everything else)
    Thermalpaste: Arctic MX4

    The Seidon 120v is set to push INTO the case and the fan at the top is set to pull the air out, I need new fans or away to mount a 140mm or 200mm to the top of my case to make this work better. I also as stated before could use a newer cooler as my Seidon 120v isnt in the best shape as I have stripped some screw holes and its become a rather painful installation process. I also have 2 120mm fans in the front pushing air into the case as well… so atm I have 4 fans pushing in and 1 pulling out because of space restraints this is why I said I would like to figure away to mount a 140mm or a 200mm fan to the top either inside or outside but have no real idea about case modding.


    Prime95 (Have not used yet on the new overclock)
    Intelburn test 2.54 (Used)
    PerfMonitor2 (Used)
    TechPower Up GPU-Z(Used)
    Core Temp 1.5 (Used)
    CDPUID HW Monitor (Used)

    CPU Volt - 1.448
    Turbo: Off
    XMP: Off
    Ram - 1866mhz 4x4gb Ripjaws Z DDR3 - DRAM set to 1.55v (Because the sticks at stock show 1600mhz)
    CPU FSB Ratio - 200
    CPU Ratio - 22.5
    CPU NB Ratio - 12
    CPU NB Volt - + .0500 (to make sure the ram speed is stable)

    Idle Temp: About 28c with overclock to 4.5ghz
    Max on full load: 54c

    End Notes:

    I ran IntelBurn test on standard for 10 rounds as you can see and everything came out fine… peaking at 54c with my overclock. Now I shall work on my GPU Overclock and will see how things work out.



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