Cooler Master MasterGel Nano (Thermal Paste) Review

  • So I recently ordered some MasterGel Nano, I decided to give it a try as I had the money to spend at the time and now that I got my MSI 970 Gamer motherboard working again I needed some Thermal paste before I could reinstall my Cooler Master Seidon 120v.

    Currently, I am very impressed with this. My tempatures have droped atleast 5c to 10c over what I got with the Cooler Master MX4 Thermalpaste. Currently while typing this I have Final Fantasy XIV(DX 11) running as well as 9 chrome pages, spotify, and discord.

    My Tempature at this point is 35c before my temps would hit between 40-45c depending on what I was running I also moved a few fans around and installed some Arctic F12 PWM fans awhile back… and placed this all back in my Raidmax Vortex. All in all, the MasterGel Nano seems to be doing an excellent job over my old MX4.


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