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  • So I have a i-5 6600k for more than a year now but i only tried to overclock it deeper now. Playing GTA5 again and wanted to see how much is the difference. I read a lot of forums 80% of the people can get 4.5 Ghz around 1.3 vcore. It does not matter how i tried, my chip can only do 4.3 Ghz at 1.290V.
    With 4.4 Ghz at more than 1.37V the Windows did not even load, crashed immediately. I don’t want to go higher in the voltage, so this is my luck. But stable now, peak temp is 60c with the Arctic fan.
    Just wanted to write it down, this is my luck with every lottery 😃 But still, 4.3 is nice if you know the base clock is 3.5 Ghz for the 6600k.


    3DMark TimeSpy result before and after. CPU OC and GPU driver updates (Too new nvidia driver, because it got me an invalid score):



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    Nice little improvement there.

  • I don’t know it is because of the OC or just aging but the CPU fan stopped working. If i can see it right, the black cable a bit damaged. That part is the closest to the heat spreader maybe it melted the fan. So I already rerolled the OC to default and I had to remove the case fan from the back and put it on the cpu. Looks awful, only working on 100%, you can’t even manage the speed. But maybe it is a good thing, there is 39C outside and 30C inside so the cpu needs it. Now I have to find the old guarantee paper maybe I dont have to buy another one. If they even see a problem like this before.
    This is my luck again 😃


    1_1501676941752_20616108_679635075575032_461510705_o.jpg 0_1501676941752_20543222_679635085575031_1061103646_o.jpg

  • @buttstallion My cooler looks worse than that and works like a charm XD

  • It took some time, but I bought a new cpu fan today. I chose the Arctic Cooling F12 PWM PST CO for 10 euros, pretty cheap and it has 6 YEAR WARRANTY!! So I finally put back my case fan back to its old place and plugged in the pwm cooler on the cpu heatsink. How I missed the silent. 😃 Way better than a shitty case fan always on 100%. Also cleaned the case and my monitor…Finally I have a fullhd monitor again. It was sooooo dirty I dont know how I managed to use it. Bought a special cleaning stuff for lcd screens, worked like a charm. Now I just have to open my last belated birthday present, and play some Ryse Son of Rome or Darksiders with it. (Yes, it is a controller 😃 )


  • @buttstallion Finally. The controller. You’ll see how good it is to play with it. Unfortunately, I hate my xbox controller. I grew up with Playstation and I like the symmetry so I prefer the DS4 controller much more than the x1. I also have Arctic fans. 3 of them actually. They are awesome! How much did you pay for the compressed air? Here it’s around 10 euros and no way I’m giving that much money for it XD

  • @katsuo 600 ml compressed air for around 3 euros. With that, it was good almost for a year, doing montly cleaning. This is my second from 4world, working properly, no problem, doing its job. Which makes my job way faster and easier 😃

  • That new Arctic fan working like a charm. And soooo silent. ❤


  • @katsuo I had a X360 controller before, but the left joystick started to make noise and it was stuck a little, i could not play F1 games, because it always went a little right 😃 It was from Ebay, so maybe it was not even a legal Windows copy, who knows how good China can copy these. This a real Microsoft Xbox One controller, I bought the last one from this store, could not find another one in the entire country. And since then they removed this controller with pc cable from the store 😃 So maybe I bought the last one in Hungary for a while. 😃 It was a bit expensive, but a long term investment. So much better than the x360 controller, i love it.

  • @ButtStallion My bro got the same one for me, as a present. Though he bought it in Talin, Estonia. 45€ or so. 😃


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