Sad Hardware Day

  • My 5 week old EVGA G3 850w has developed really bad coil whine and a droop on the 12v rail when hit with a load 😞 Struggling to find a holdover or loaner PSU while I RMA mine so I dont loose any contracts. Just paid all next months bills for the massage business so money is tight and I can only afford to ship my unit out. . . Not even cross swap so I dont have a down system. Lol why me!?! I have installed several of these for other people and several G2 and P2 units and not one has a problem then mine does 🤦🏻♂

  • Wow, that is bad luck 😕

  • @milkywayman yea but its ok a 10 year warranty covers me there thankfully and today I found a OCZ ZT 750w 80+ Bronze to hold me over while the other is shipped back to EVGA next week.

  • Well to be honest, the Seasonic PSU that came with the Gtribe computer died in 2 weeks XD But they covered the shipping costs for the RMA and sent a new one 🙂

  • This is what you guys need to power up your PC. This thing never dies!

  • @katsuo oh god I would die the first 30 minutes lol. A FX 8350 and GTX 970 both OCed is gonna take some juice xD


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