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  • Just because I like to have discussion separate from the story thread, I’m moving anything that is not part of the actual story over here.

    Feel free to continue to discuss, critic, or freely talk about the story here!!

  • @Polekatt My friend, this is epic. You describe exactly why I play RPGs, the immersion & the ability to create your own tales. I would love to read more like this. Your idea for the fan page is also what I was considering - I was very close to choosing UX, please know that if you continue you will have at least one avid reader.

    With my alternate start I appeared being released from captivity in an Imperial camp, just before a random dragon attack - so at least I was able to collect all of that loot after hiding inside the tent of fire protection.

    I would really like to see a list of the mods you’re running too. I haven’t been back into it for so long I’m sure my game would be broken to all hell by now.

  • One of those games I really wish I would have liked but the voice acting killed it for me.

  • @Polekatt you seen that this is coming?

    Full modded separate game in the Skyrim engine.

  • @Sgt_T8ie Thank you!! All I need is one person that would enjoy reading my adventures, and they will continue. 😃
    I would encourage you to do the same, and you will have an avid reader too!

    I’ll try to get you a list of the mods I’m running. but you um…may have to look the other way on some of them and not judge me. haha!

    And yeah, I had heard about enderal, I may have to try that one!

  • @Sir-diealot said in Skyrim Adventures and Woes:

    One of those games I really wish I would have liked but the voice acting killed it for me.

    get the mod Fuz do Rah, and turn off the voices and use close caption, and imagine your on version of how they sound!

  • @Polekatt I see, but I do not judge. I had some mods that were purely for,um, research purposes.

  • @Polekatt said in Skyrim Adventures and Woes:

    @Sir-diealot said in Skyrim Adventures and Woes:

    One of those games I really wish I would have liked but the voice acting killed it for me.

    get the mod Fuz do Rah, and turn off the voices and use close caption, and imagine your on version of how they sound!

    I must have sound! I use closed captioning anyway in everything I play.

  • …and sitting here waiting on a patch to be built, from perkus maximus.
    lalalalal, its taking for. ev. er.

    There were just a couple of little things I did not like, so I’ve been trying to tweak the setup, before actually getting in and playing it seriously. I found a mod that I “think” is causing a problem, so I removed it, then realized that I my Perkus Maximus patch has to be completely rerun, because it patches and reads ALL your masters. It takes about 15-20 minutes to build this patch on my machine.

    If you understood and read all that drivel, then sorry! lol, I’m just ranting while waiting.

    Oh, and I am going to leave Frostfall in there, so I don’t mess anything else up, but I"m going to bump the exposure rate down to something like .1 until I get used to it.

  • @Polekatt A great start to what will be an epic adventure. It certainly makes me want to get creating my own story. Can’t wait for chapter 2!

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    Moving this awesome tale down into Roleplaying Corner.

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    just a test post for me to see how moving posts work, without messing up someones actual post.

  • Ok, I have a question for you guys, that have been following this. @teh-g since it is your forum, wouldn’t mind hearing your opinion also.

    I dont’ think its any secret that there are mods out there that are nsfw. In my effort to create the Skyrim world I wanted, I have quite a few of them installed. I was trying to create a very rough world, if you have ever seen Game of Thrones, or read the books, while I did not want Westeros itself, that is pretty much the atmosphere that I am going for.

    So my story, at some point, is going to get like watching an episode of Game of Thrones, if you know what I mean.

    This is NOT going to be anything that is porn, or xxx, thats certainly NOT what I’m after. But it will probably get rough.

    Bear in mind, there will be absolutely NO images of anything bad. But as I write, I can’t help but wonder, would you guys prefer that I write in anything that happens, and just keep it R or PG rated in the writing? or just skip over it in the story and pretend it didn’t happen?

    I know that I am writing this, mainly for my own enjoyment, but being that others are reading it, and that it is on a public forum, I’d like your opinions, before we get to that point in the story.

  • @Polekatt It’s your game, played in your Universe. I say let it all out. But then again you seem to be aiming for a very similar setting as me, so I was always going to say that.

  • I have to stop being greedy!! I came very close to messing up my game, I think, tonight, because I saw something I wanted to add to it. Well, that required something else, which in itself required something, and I ended up spending an hour messing with mods, that just about broke things. So I went all the way back to my previous save, just updated one that I knew worked fine, and went back to that. 😆

    I’ll update the story soon, I had one play, but didn’t write it up yet because it was short. Then in addition to tonights install fiasco, I also hit a point where I had to test and adjust the MCM settings of another mod that finally popped up in actual gameplay. So hopefully not too long before you guys see what Kyssandra has been up to now!

  • For anyone that is reading and following my story -

    First, I put chapter headings for each post, simply because in discussing it, it will be easier to refer to a chapter, than trying to figure out which post anyone is talking about.

    Second, I put a disclaimer up. I may not need it, but I wanted it. I’m not going to put anything up on this board that I feel that would get @teh-g or any of us in any trouble, but I do want to tell the story as it unfolds, for those that do wish to read it, but I do NOT want to accidentally offend anyone. If anyone thinks I should do more than that, let me know, I’ll comply. Simply put, I warned people of what may come, outlined my plan for writing it, and request that if you don’t like the subject matter, simply don’t read it.

    Now for some of my own commentary-

    In chapter 5, (see how easy it is now for me to refer to it? 🙂 ) there is one rather deep paragraph I put in there, where I finally tried to give a little insight on Kyssandra’s true personality. I’m not sure it had really been obvious until this point.

    In chapter 6, THIS is the beauty of installing all the mods you want, and playing the game with them all at once, rather than installing them one by one. @Sgt_T8ie I think you would get exactly what I’m talking about. The thing that happened, the main part of this chapter, I had NO idea it was coming up, and I could not tell you which mod it actually came from. When you have 150+ mods running, many of them changing the game, and adding quests, and you start them all at once, you forget what went with what, and where it will appear. Although it was exactly within the theme and lore I personally was going for, I was as surprised as anyone else reading it, as it was happening. LOL

  • @Polekatt I don’t know if there’s a mod like this available but I would love an add in that allowed you to assign a nemesis out in Skyrim somewhere that you need to track down & either kill or retrieve a stolen heirloom from etc. This would just give a nice starting point & impetus for me. However it also wouldn’t stop me from wandering& exploring.

  • @Sgt_T8ie Yes, that would be pretty awesome. I have not seen anything like that. Closest thing I know of would be the Live Another Life mod, where you can do an alternate start, but thats not one of the options. Maybe use LAL and just pick a high level killable character and quest that you already know about in real life, from a previous play through, and make that your character’s nemesis?

    An idea I would LOVE to see, but I’m fairly sure it would be hard to do, if not impossible, would be use a previous save game, and character of your own, as your nemesis. I typically play the first time through as a vanilla unmodded game, as a relatively “good” character, just to make sure to see the game as it was meant to be, and the ending. Then I play again, in my modded game, but as more of a “bad” character.

    What would be awesome is to be able to play the same exact game, that I played the first time, as in, when I start my second game, my first character is out there doing exactly what I did in the first game. My second character may or may not run into the first character, depending on if I end up in the same place at the same time. Since one is good, and one is bad, they would be each other’s nemesis.

    if any of that made sense. 😉

  • Uploaded TWO chapters tonight, 8 and 9.

    Just an fyi, for any that are reading, so you don’t read the last post only, and miss the other one.

    I love writing this, but I about got ahead of myself!

  • For any keeping up with the story, I’ve not shelved it. I’m just doing some technical maintenance.

    I’ve been messing with ENB settings trying to get something configured the way I want it to look. And since I try to keep most mods up to date, I discovered something I didn’t like when I saw that Legacy of the Dragonborn had updated. First, it takes a ton of work to update it to the latest (and final) version, but second, as I reread through the entire installation procedure, I discovered that this mod doesn’t play well with a LOT of other mods, some of which I am using, and prefer.

    So just trying to figure out how to get Legacy of Dragonborn out of the picture, before it gets fully started in game.

    Don’t ya just love modding these games? 🙂


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