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  • @Polekatt I tried to start up a newly modded install of Skyrim… I couldn’t get a decent ENB/SweetFX set up. I can’t stand Imaginator & now I’m getting random crashes. But that’s the fun of modding.

  • @Sgt_T8ie

    I’m honestly not using any of the ENB setups themselves, or imaginator. I’ve only got it running to get the speedboosts from it. I discovered though, that it messes with the image shading, even though I don’t have any of its actual effects running, and therefore other mods, which change or use the image shading for immersive effects, (like when you get hit, or your stamina goes down, your screen goes blurry, or red shaded), that sort of stuff, don’t work right.

    Last night I went into the config files for it, and turned off ENBs post processing effects, and played a test run around, and everything still looked decent.

    Now my main fear is that if I completely remove Legacy of the Dragonborn, its gonna screw up my save files. I had no idea, I had completely missed the fact that that mod has so much scripting in it that can mess up other things. Like 21,000 scripts that can end up running. Its a shame too, because if you look at its description, its an amazing add on, has as much content as you’d expect from a DLC.

  • @Polekatt I’m using the same base guide as you… I have to say that the stability wasn’t the best; but then I did start tinkering with it, as it wasn’t quite what I was after. This information may point to a cause.

    edited - due to awful phone autocorrect

  • Update! I started to remove Legacy of the Dragonborn, and then realized what an absolute awful cluster this was going to turn out to be. Legacy of the Dragonborn is tied to my Bashed Patch, Perkux Maximus and it’s own patch thing that takes hours to run, and Dual Sheath Redux.

    So being that my game is relatively stable at the moment, I put everything back the way it was, and just decided I’m going to roll with it as far as I can. Honestly, even though Legacy of the Dragonborn causes major problems with my setup, from what I have read, it doesn’t cause those problems until AFTER you start the LotD quest. So, my plan is to just leave it in, but never go in the first building or start the questline. I just think I’m going to have more problems at this point by removing things, than I will by keeping the code intact, and just not starting it. Hopefully, if it is working now, it will keep working.

    Thats how I screwed up Oblivion so bad, not by adding stuff, but by taking away stuff. I have to really remind myself of that, so I don’t make that same mistake over and over.

    As for the ENB part, I swear, things look darker now. Its harder to get good screenshots, because there is not as much light. BUT!! thats actually what I was after, because of the image shaders, I thought parts were way much more visible than I wanted, so I guess its actually working as intended then. 🙂

    So, Kyssandra should be back to regularly scheduled episodes soon! The dark brotherhood has found her way quicker than I even suspected. 😉

  • GAH!!! I just ran across something, that is kinda funny now, but would not have been funny if I had not been able to figure out what it was.

    I suddenly noticed while playing tonight, when it got really foggy in game, that there was an image that was superimposed on the screen. I started moving the camera around, and finally could see it, against the sky, or fog. It was a very faint watermark type of thing, and it was a little cartoon rabbit, skeleton, and what appeared to be a fingerprint. yeah.

    The problem was, once I saw it, it was one of those things that you cannot un-see. It was there the rest of the game, distracting me.

    Did a little research, and apparently that is a sample image, that was left in the ENB stuff, for developers to take and mess with, to make a filter for their mods if they wanted to invoke it. I don’t know if it has been there the whole time, and I just now noticed it, or if I just invoked it when I removed the post processing stuff in the .ini a couple days ago. At any rate, it would have been awful playing like that. According to what I read, you just can delete the image from the directory. We shall see and hope.

    Oh, and to elaborate on what I did with taking the shaders out, and making it darker. I did that mainly because some of the mods that I’m running, I knew the screen was supposed to get a lot darker than it was getting, depending on conditions of the mods. But in taking out the post processing, and fixing that part, it made everything darker.

    BUT, after I realized what it did, I am quite happy with it. It fits my game even more, it is actually more what I was hoping for. Basically, if there is no light source around, then it is DARK. I was in a cave the other night, and suddenly I have a use for that mage light spell. Because without it, I couldn’t see ANYTHING. Which is the way a cave with no torch should be, right? 🙂 I actually got lost going up from the the Solitude docks to the city in the middle of the night, because I couldn’t see the path! Immersion, ftw!

  • I was just going through screenshots for the next chapter, so I went and made one that matched one I had, so you could see the difference in what I’ve been talking about making it darker.

    Here is before


    And here is roughly the same view, what it looks like now.


    If you look closely, you can see that the main difference is that there is sharper contrasts now, and the black areas are actually blacker, instead of soft grey.

  • Yeah - that’s kind of what I had an issue with myself. All washed out or way too saturated.

    In my latest build I started inside a lit area, got ready to leave. Walked outside into the pitch black wilderness! I guess I need to wait now for morning XD because, despite having plenty of torches & lanterns in the spawn area, none of them are lootable.

  • I should not be allowed near Bethesda games! I’m determined to try and break them!

    Tonight’s mod adventure -

    I saw an armor mod that I really wanted. So I installed it. It had another .esp with it that added the armor into all the leveled lists, so instead of just having to make it, or console it, the armor in the mod will appear as loot, or on npcs. So, for this to work right, I need to rebuild the bashed patch.

    I tried that, then get ready to fire it up, and realize everything is missing master files. Upon further review, I realize that NONE of my DLC’s are showing.

    After finally figuring out what when on, I realize that when I first made the bashed patch, I inadvertently managed to put all the official DLCs in the mod that I created for the bashed patch. So now, if I deactivate that mod, to make a new bashed patch, the DLCs go bye bye.

    Not wanting to redo everything, which is what I’d have to do if I let Steam set it back to default, I decided on a different approach. I took the mod that had the old bashed patch and the DLC in it, and removed everything related to the DLCs. So my thinking is, I just rename it Clean DLCs, and keep that mod active now, and I rebuilt another bashed patch mod, and activated it for the bashed patch part.

    Man, I hope this works. 😆

  • There are a couple of minor mods, that I’ve been updating as they update, almost on a weekly basis. They are pretty simple, and don’t affect much, but since the authors update them so much, I’ve gotten pretty adept at putting removing/reinstalling them, and getting them back in the right place.

    But tonight, I did a pretty major update, I updated Frostfall, which also required me to update campfires. Campfires went fine, but when I reinstalled Frostfall, it put it at the end of my load order. I’m 95% sure I got it back in the same place, but there is that little part of me that is unsure… If you’ve ever modded a Bethesda game to this extent, you know that its quite ok to update mods with newer versions, but the cardinal rule is never change load order in mid game.

    It was just too good to pass up though. The new version of Frostfall fixed some bugs, but makes it so you can manually set the warmth and exposure rating of and clothes, armor, or items you have. This is very cool, because a lot of stuff that comes from other mods does not have these ratings in them, and you can technically give something like a ring a high warmth rating, and say its a magic ring of warmth. 🙂

    Its really cool playing with all these immersion mods running. Paying attention to hunger, thirst, sleep, and warmth really adds to the game, I think. Plus, tonight when I am playing, Kyssandra isn’t very strong (by design), so I have to pay attention to carry weight. I had her make a stop in Whiterun to sell loot, just to get the carry weight down to where she could pick something else up. Then went and got paid for those three contracts she did. At the end of the night, I noticed the carry weight was up again, about 5-10 more pounds. I thought something had gone wrong. Then I remembered that one of my mods adds weight to gold. So all that gold she made, adds weight to carry around. I think its cool, gives you a lot more to think about, on how you want to play.

  • I am at the point playing, where I’ve basically forgotten a lot of what I originally put in, that would eventually show up as unexpected random events.

    Right after I started playing last night, one of these events triggered. At first I was like, where did that come from? I could reload a save, or just play through it, even though it changed everything that I was planning on her doing next. In true roleplaying fashion, I played through it.

    It will take a couple more sessions of play to get to the writing part, but lets just say, you guys that like the anime stuff are going to get a kick out of the next chapter.

    😉 🤣

  • Just an update here, on Kyss’s adventures-

    I’m still playing off and on. I made sure the story got updated to a point where it has some closure, just in case. I basically wanted to finish the mage and Dark Brotherhood quest lines with her, which I did.

    I just updated one of my mods, to the newest version, and its pretty cool because it actually makes her hair grow, over time, as you play.

    But yes, still playing, just here and there, off and on.

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    @Polekatt I was wondering where these updates were!

  • @teh-g Conan is where it went!!!


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