Alex's World of Warcraft Characters

  • First of all, I damn approve of this new section! In World of Warcraft, I have created my characters with a specific storyline of mine that is based on the actual lore. Here I will post my characters:

    Yahana: Previously known as Esandiel, is a Warlock of formidable power. No one knows what happened to her during the two years she was away, but when she returned to Silvermoon it was apparent that she has changed. Beautiful even among the standards of Blood Elves, she held power beyond imagining. Even though Yahana is on the Horde, she often holds counsel with Velen the Prophet, although secretly. She doesn’t care about the ongoing war between the Alliance and Horde, but she instead focuses on threats that endanger Azeroth, especially the Burning Legion. Yahana seems to be in every place that needs help or to fight against powerful enemies and she has led many crusades; she was in Northrend, fighting the Lich King and even led the ambush to end Arthas’ reign, she gathered forces against Ragnaros the Firelord in Hyjal, dared to enter Nefarian’s home and brought his end once and for all, faced the wind of Al’Akir and even commanded an army against Deathwing and his armies in Wyrmrest Temple.

    Yahana always seeks peace as the ultimate goal, but knows that peace cannot be achieved without war. That is why she is always on the lookout for powerful individuals and weapons that will allow her to achieve this. In Pandaria, she worked alongside with Wrathion, although she was wary of him. Soon Yahana realized that Pandaria held many secrets and studied what the Sha were. Realizing what the Sha actually were, she combed the entirety of Pandaria to find the Heart of Y’shaarj, defeating every Sha that stood in her way. Garrosh Hellscream beat her to it and corrupted the Veil, leaving with her no choice but to gather forces to kill Garrosh before all was lost. The rise of the Thunder King however was much more imminent and Yahana entered the Throne of Thunder. There she met Ra Den and learned many secrets of the world, though she said nothing about them.

    She then stormed Orgrimmar and ended Garrosh’s ambition of the True Horde. During the Trial, she protested against letting Garrosh to live, but she was overruled by the Celestials. Fearing for the worst, Yahana kept an eye out for Garrosh and sure enough, the orc escaped and opened the portal to Draenor of the past, rallying the orcs and his father, Grommash. Yahana had once more no choice to enter the fray herself, fighting the Iron Horde and later the Legion that was summoned there by Gul’dan. Even after defeating Archimonde, Yahana was fearful of the invasion that was sure to come. Now she gathers powerful individual under her banner to make sure the invasion is not successful. Time is running out. The Legion is coming. And that is just part of the danger that Azeroth faces.

  • Ilidriel the Justicesword

    (Coming soon!)

  • Alexstranda, the Arcane Mastery

    (Coming soon!)

  • Erendiel. the Flower of the Sun

    (coming soon!

  • Esendiel, the Dark Champion

    (Coming soon!)

  • Tilluviel, the Song of Holy

    (Coming soon!)

  • Solmane

    (Coming soon!)

  • Waine, the Valkyrie Bane

    (Coming soon!)

  • Derthis

    (Coming soon!)

  • Tekan, the Monk Gourmet

    (Coming soon!)

  • Shaggra, Daughter of the Elements

    (Coming soon!

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