Steam In-Home Streaming

  • Anybody use or try this?

    Always had my eye on a Steam Link but finally put in the two minutes of effort to just find an HDMI cable laying around instead… Got my lappytop hooked up to my living room TV and have been trying out some of this In-Home Streaming for the first time this last couple days. Gotta say, I’m fairly impressed with what Steam has going on here. And I’m just using WiFi. Played some splitscreen Rocket League with my brother, and some SEGA Genesis Classics and the controls have felt responsive. I don’t have a setup to try anything with keyboard & mouse to really get the input lag, but I do believe I will start using it fairly often for local vs/co-op controller games with friends and family. May even consider running some more ethernet lines through the house for it. Didn’t take any effort to set up either, just got on my Steam account on my PC upstairs then on the laptop downstairs. Picked a game and bam.

    I’d suggest trying it out if you’ve thought about it. It is pretty neat!

  • @schlitty seems awesome but I fear my internet is way too slow for it.

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    Yeah it works very well

  • @ShiftySatchmo Yeah. I dunno why but I always thought there was more to it than there is haha. I dunno if I thought you needed the Steam Link and it was some magical device that did extra stuff or there was complicated network stuff or what. But I had just never bothered trying it. Turns out its as simple as can be and works good enough for casual games. Spent the afternoon playing Hand of Fate. Some audio static started piling up the longer I played but nothing egregious. Me likey.

    @MyLifeForAiur Its your in house network that you’re using not your ISP/internet speed. I don’t think my router is anything super special and its workin!

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    @schlitty yeah the link is just a cheap solution for people without multiple PCs

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    This does actually work really well. I’ve used it to test pretty basic laptops before and was actually quite amazed. As long as your main PC you are streaming fun is up to the task, you should be fine.

  • Works like a charm to me. Of course after I used Lan cable for local network. With wifi it was too laggy. I have an old core2duo with 2 gigs ram and 9500 GT 512. I was using it for media streaming but now I stream Steam games from my rig to my TV.

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    My WiFi experience was pretty good. I’ve got my main PC connected via ethernet and had a good 5.0 Ghz link, so it worked perfectly.

  • I had considered a Steam Link but opted into installing Moonlight-Embedded on my Raspberry Pi and when connected via Ethernet the performance is golden. Wifi gets some noticeable skips though.


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