Looking for GTX 1070 differences/reviews

  • I’m getting really close to pulling the trigger on a GTX1070. I have the money saved, and I was targeting October-November timeframe.

    Does anyone know a good place that would explain the differences between all the brands, and the different models of the 1070?

    I just saw an EVGA SC on sale for 48 hrs, at $439, and it occurred to me, while I have pretty much decided on the 1070, there seem to be a myriad of different models of them out there, and I’m not sure if any are the ones to get, or the ones to stay away from.

    Brands are not as important to me to research as models. Seems like every brand has 5-6 different models now, and thats confusing to me.

  • I recomend the Gigabyte GTX 1070… and if you decide to go with any GTX 1070 check Jet.com.


  • MSI Twin Frozr’s are definitely a series I like, I have owned Twin Frozr 2-5 in various guises and they have been reliable and good performers. Quite fond of the ASUS series also likable. Reality is it boils down preference and the overclock you want out of the box. Then again, I am not the best person in this area.

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  • Rocket League is for Lovers

    What type of card do you want? Heavy OC, special looks or Silent?

  • @Polekatt problem is there is no good place independent of marketing, to check GPU performance and specification , So best method is to check and gain insight into the performance of a specific device by checking the page with the specification from the manufacturer, and in addition to that is to chat with friends or people who have a similar or the same product and maybe to ask directly sales representative of the company …
    Maybe sometimes it seems that the brand may not be important, but in the end it is very important because a brand is a measure of quality and reliability of specific products. In the area of graphics cards when it comes to reliability and quality, then warranty and support, I prefer ( when the price does not play a role) EVGA, Galax, PNY, Gainward, Palit … , if money is issue then you should check ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte … So best for you is that you do side by side product comparison by specifications, that will help you at least you will know what exactly you are paying and why …

    Maybe this will help you …
    alt text

    alt text

  • @MeFFFlenn said in Looking for GTX 1070 differences/reviews:

    What type of card do you want? Heavy OC, special looks or Silent?

    I guess best card to have moving forward. Not concerned about looks. I really just want a good card that is going to be really really good for the longest time.

    I know the moment you buy something, it seems it becomes obsolete. But my current card, is an EVGA GTX770 SC with 2 GB VRAM. When I bought it, I looked at reviews upon reviews. Everywhere, everyone said this was a good card, it would last me a long long time, and anything more would be a waste of money, that this card was the best value. Within a month or two after buying it, games starting coming out that were recommending 4 or more GB Vram. Thats the type of thing I really want to avoid, I guess.

  • @Polekatt hmm i doubt that GDDR will be issue here at least with EVGA all of them have 8 GB of GDDR … from all of models I would go for EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW GAMING ACX 3.0 simply because of 2 things double BIOS secondary thing is Base / Boost Clock 1607 MHz / 1797 MHz and on the end texture Fill Rate 192.8 this GPU will require new or relatively stronger PSU because it does have double 8 pin power connector option B is maybe EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW HYBRID GAMING same specifications only advantage is integrated water cooler … in any way from all of them only those 2 have relatively normal price-performance ratio .,… all the rest are variations on a theme … so FTW or FTW HYBRID … if EVGA is your gaming toy 🙂

  • @Mark2K77 should be good to go on the PSU. I have a Seasonic 760W platinum rated modular one.

  • @Polekatt that will be OK i have 750 G2 and it works perfectly with 2 nVida GPUs in SLI and with Xeon CPU 🙂

  • Rocket League is for Lovers

    @Polekatt Well the fastest GTX 1070 is the Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme. Over here it even is cheaper then the Asus Strix version. you can even sell your PSU and get something smaller … 😉

  • @MeFFFlenn said in Looking for GTX 1070 differences/reviews:

    @Polekatt Well the fastest GTX 1070 is the Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme. Over here it even is cheaper then the Asus Strix version. you can even sell your PSU and get something smaller … 😉

    why would I want to sell my PSU and get something smaller? 🤣 I love that PSU!

  • Rocket League is for Lovers

    @Polekatt to save energy and love the planet earth and to have more money 😉

  • @MeFFFlenn bah! I can love the planet quite nicely with my PSU. One thing I don’t believe in skimping on is the PSU. thats the heart and soul of the PC. Not enough power, or not efficient, it will affect everything else in the whole computer. 😉

  • Just continuing to think on this…

    I keep reading over and over it seems, that the ASUS Strix version is the best 1070 card. Average price on it seems to be around $450 USD

    Just wondering you guys opinions on that. Is that true, or is that just advertising, that I’m reading? And if true, what makes it better than the others?

  • @Polekatt I would choose Zotac’s AMP Extreme! 1070 over any other. It’s OC’d more than any other 1070, the backplate is sexy and well, it’s not ASUS. And from the reviews, a lot of people are more than satisfied with the AMP Extreme! The close second would definitely be G1 Gaming from Gigabyte.
    There, I made it harder for you to pick which 1070 you want to pick 😁

  • I have the MSI GTX 970, with similar Twin frozer. After I used an ASUS I have to tell, I like the MSI better. Better performance, cooling and red-black design which I wanted 😛

  • @Katsuo Ok wow, that Zotac looks really nice… gah!! 😉


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