30 Games for Under 30 Bucks?!?!?!?

[4 days to go]

They are not paying me for advertisement but i think its a great deal so had to share with you guys…i am saving money for this one…i think i am gonna skip steam holiday sale this year

This is the fishiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Not sure how profitable all that is for them tbh. Hate to say it but it doesn’t look legit. If it is legit, make sure to remember me and give me at least 700 games. :*


I’d be careful of that. First reddit thing to pop up in Google when I typed Steam Crate doesn’t have the most glowing reviews or spectacular soundings games and definitely not any of the games in that picture; https://www.reddit.com/r/Steam/comments/4sn037/anyone_tried_out_steamcrate/

Can’t imagine further research will show anything much better.

really guys?! now i am confused

DANTE simply too good to be true … sometimes risk is to buy new AAA titles on G2A or on Kinguin … but at least with them you can get money back … This is pure scam by the appearance of the website … and after reading post on reddit … I would run like the devil from incense around that web site xD that you stated in your post …

If you want to buy games in bundle cheaper … Use regular authorized re-sellers like Humble Bundle; Bundle Stars; IndieGala or Green Man Gaming for less than 5$ you can buy nice bundles of games nearly every month. Or if you wish to have AAA titles you will need to dig deep into your wallet; but for around 10 $ you will find better bundles or some interesting AAA games … with out of any worry. Also on Humble Bundle you can get monthly subscriptions and unsubscribe anytime … and for 12$ or less monthly you will have very good games and game bundles in your collection …

Also check this CDKeys.com
and if you did not so far check grey market :slight_smile: like G2A


DANTE Well, both you and I know that you’ll get games that are worth max $6 on a Steam sale. Don’t even think about dreams like Just Cause 3 or Rise of the Tomb Raider or something like that. Because you won’t get them. Hell, you won’t get even the games that are in the thumbnail. Just save up money, get a decent game or two that you like, where you will spend couple of hundred of hours and that’s it. If you have extra money, spend it on bundles and be happy xD


kk thnx a lot guys…changed my mind


At least with this 100% goes to charity.