5.1 or 7.1

I am not sure if my motherboard is capable of 5.1 or 7.1 I am not technical enough to figure it out. (Or I am even more tired than I thought) Here is what I have. Also I have another question I will post below.

I have this JVC 705 stereo receiver, I want to know if I can use wireless speakers with it or do I have to have a stereo that is capable of it or is it some kind of antenna that plugs in for wireless speakers? Thanks for any help given.

Since it’s an 8 channel codec I’d say 7.1 :slight_smile:

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milkywayman Thanks. Any clue about the stereo? Oh and can the computer run wireless speakers and if so what kind?

Wireless as in Wifi wireless or dongle style (ex G933 headset?)? And JVC 705 mostly returns a car radio XD

Sorry, I gave the remote number, it should be RX-7030V I want to not have wires everywhere. Not sure how to put it otherwise.

RX 7030 : From what I can tell from the manual, this is also an amplifier, so it outputs audio signals. In order to go wireless you’d need an audio/wireless converter to powered speakers with a wireless/audio converter attached.
MB: Basically there are three options:

  1. Speakers with dongles attached to the PC
  2. Bluetooth speakers (if the PC wifi also has a bluetooth module)
  3. Wifi speakers.

1 a. Self explanatory, attach a USB dongle and that’s it.
2 a. Various types, like boom boxes and phone enabled speakers.
3 a. This one is a bit tricky, you need them to be connected to a wifi network in order for them to work.

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I want to not have wires everywhere.

milkywayman Sorry, I am just now seeing your reply, I guess I edited my comment above as as you replied so I did not see your comment until I just refreshed the page. I will check those out, thank you.

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Looking at the prices I am going to have to go with wired speakers in order to go 5.1

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sir_diealot said in 5.1 or 7.1:

Looking at the prices I am going to have to go with wired speakers in order to go 5.1

Wireless is always going to be more expensive. you also have to deal with batteries if you want true wireless sadly.

I think, in general, wired will always be better from a quality standpoint.


teh_g I have to agree, that is why I hardwired my TV to the router.