A Big Thank You

Look I’ve been slow to do this & it’s unforgiveable. It was not my intention to leave this unsaid.

A huge thank you to PeaceLeon who gifted me Grim Dawn last month. It was my hopes to give a thank you & a review at the same, but time and work got away from and I’ve had no time to do it.

Also a massive thank you to ShiftySatchmo who gifted me another game off my wishlist this weekend: Styx

Both were horrendous driveby’s with no hope of me dodging the philanthropy!

Cheers guys for making my backlog list longer, with games that I want to play so very much! Thanks to you my kids will be allowed to use the lights this month again XD

PeaceLeon bombarded me with some games lately as well. I don’t even know why is he doing that but I’m glad I’m playing games with him a bit more. He’s an awesome idiot. I mean, fella. I’ll use this topic to thank him once more and also I’d like to tell him (since he ignores me currently on Steam): “KAI YOU DONUT, STOP LEVELING NEW JOBS IN FF14 AND START PROGRESSING THE STORYLINE AND THANK YOU FOR THE GAMES YOU GAVE ME.”


Don’t worry about that review, just enjoy the game when you have time to play it :wink:

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Katsuo Wait for the next weeks … from Wednesday I will be on the road and won’t be able to play much :’(

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If you liked Diablo 2 and Titan Quest, then Grim Dawn is perfect game for you. I’m playing it and I like it. :slight_smile:

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Have fun!

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