A few upgrades to my pc.. upcoming birthday edition

Been saving for some birthday stuff for my self as next week is my 42nd Birthday. Seeing how Ps5 is still a pain in the arse to get, I have decided to do a few things with my pc. The Samsung 980 Pro I already have as it was to be for my ps5 for when they released NVME support instead ill use it in my pc. Moving away for the first time from AIO’s in years to a Air Cooler… and the Dark Rock Pro 4 fits athestically and was in the price range of what I wanted.



M2 drives are delicious.

I do NOT think you need a cooler for it. That is overkill.

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Sometimes I like overkill, especally in florida heat lol

Pff, I live in the Sacramento area. Talk to me when it hits 110 :smiley:

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Although in the next year or two once I get somethings taken care of and save the heatsink would deffently be overkill for Iowa weather when I move.

My ssd is naked.

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My ssd works in the porn industry


My SSD is banned in most countries.

Was your SSD a bad boy? Did it knock up the Judges wife?