A great news for everyone !!!!! but.....

Hello good fellas :3
This is a great news but there is a big butt !!! xD
I have been enjoying rdr 2 online for a while now. at first it was dead but they gave some new content its really amazing now or at least to me for last two months. and i am really enjoying and collecting all the collectibles which is really fun for me. But with this news now i am confused. should i continue anymore in PS4? cause obviously i will get that in PC/Steam. its just after grinding and working hard so much in online and collecting everything in game i dont wanna go through all that again in PC. So suggest me guys what should i do?


You are in the category of finish your rd2 game on ps4 and don’t bother with pc. We’re in the category of “this is just like gtav, wait and get the full experience on pc for less”. If I already had the game on ps4 I wouldn’t bother with the pc ver. Just like i didn’t bother with Detroit Become Human on pc because I already got my fill on ps4. I knew rd2 was following the same monetization scheme as gtav so I knew just to wait.


I totally understand what you meant here. but the thing is i WANT to buy this game again in PC. i HAVE to. cause its RDR 2 !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! :3

Than do it via grey market for cheap.

Also, unless you have actually good hardware, you won’t have a better experience.

All I know I won’t touch that game. It’s just way too boring for me.

I was eagerly waiting for your sad comment

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You’re too boring! But seriously, you’re right when it comes to the first 5-10 hours of tutorial hell. After that, it is amazing. If you’re willing to give it a shot, I think you’d be surprised

Didn’t know expressing my opinion is considered as a sad comment.

I played it for 5 hours. Was bored to death. I’ll maybe get it when it’s dirt cheap on some weird grey market website.

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Anddddd finallyyyyy


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You were quicker lol!

i was jk …


Glad I told you 5-10 and not just 5 haha. Seriously, it is slow and boring to start, I 100% agree. Once the story picks up, the missions do as well, then it just becomes chaos, but beautiful chaos.

Boo Epic Store:

For PC players who don’t want to use Rockstar’s launcher, the game will also be available via the Epic Games Store, Green Man Gaming, the Humble Store, and GameStop on November 5. Pre-orders on those platforms, starting October 23, will include 25 Gold Bars for Red Dead Online.

I’ll just wait a year or two for it to be on gamepass


I’ll wait for verification about steam.

Then I might buy it for 10 euros because Epic likes to have these 99% off sales

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It’ll be the free game of the week