A little rant about Seagate

So if you all remember I won the unmentionable place Massive uprising giveaway in December 2016. Fast forward to this month when the SSHD drive started to fail.

So I contacted Seagate about the warranty and this was their reply:
Verifying the serial number Z4Z71ZYH it seems to be a promotional drive and the warranty end date was on 25/11/2016.

WTF??? They were advertising this drive has a 5-year warranty, and since it was a giveaway it was simply dismissed???

Not only this throws a seriously bad image on them, since the drive failed within 3 years, but also no warranty on giveaways???

All other components had a warranty which was respected!

Sigh, so now I’m out of a 2TB drive and seriously not in the mood for shopping around… I need a vacation deffo.


Aw gawd, love this reply from Seagate (after posting on Twitter of course XD):

After verifying the serial number Z4Z71ZYH in our system, it was determined that it is an OEM device/promotional disk, allow me to explain; some Seagate drives bear the Seagate name and logo, but they are actually the property of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), such as Dell or Hewlett-Packard (HP), and might have specialized components. These drives are sold as part of a larger piece of equipment such as a server, a PC, or notebook computer. However, sometimes, these servers or computers are disassembled and the hard drives end up being sold separately from third-party resellers or online vendors such as eBay.

These OEM drives usually have specialized OEM characteristics. Supporting an OEM drive with standard (non-specialized) specifications can permanently damage the hard drive. Also, providing standard support for OEM hard drives may violate the legal agreements Seagate has with OEM companies. For these reasons, Seagate offers no support for OEM hard drives. Please contact the computer manufacturer.

What non-standard specs??? XD I’m guessing it’s spinning XD

Didn’t some company build those beasts from those giveaways? Maybe with the OEM thing, contact that company. (Edit: Looks like CYBERPOWERPC for that one? Try going directly at them.)

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Don’t worry, my SSHD is also not working fine anymore. I just replaced it by SSDs, think I can just skip contacting Seagate for a replacement :joy:

This isn’t a helpful comment, but Seagate went downhill a while back and I haven’t purchased one of their drives in yeaaaars.


Yeah, wrote to Cyberpower, what ticked me off was the constant claim that the warranty expires, but instead should have said to contact them first.

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I hear ya man, I’ve had a similar experience with something else.

Several years ago, I won the grand prize at a trade show I was at, it was a very cool, high end drone quad copter thing. One of the seminars at that show was even on how to build businesses around drones and what they could do, and how to get licensed for it and all.

So I get this drone home, and put it all together, and noticed right off the bat, that the battery would not charge.

I looked it up, found out that it was a known problem, and was covered under warranty.

No problem there, I called the company, and tried to turn it in. They said not a problem, they would be happy to honor it, but I needed to provide proof of purchase. I explained to them that I didn’t have that, I won it at a trade show, and they just sort of handed it to me. The company understood, but said they couldn’t do anything without some sort of proof, and that the company that gave it away should be able to provide me with something proving that I won it.

I called that company, and they acted like they didn’t know what I was talking about, and kept sending me around to different people, and would finally get one that would say, yeah, I don’t do that, but I’ll get the person that does to call you. This went on for two or three more calls to them, when no one would get back to me, and finally I just gave up. The drone has just been sitting in its box for years.


Hah, I’ve had the same thing with ASUS.

That is also an option, but a 2TB SSD is kinda pricey :rofl:

I got two 1TB SSD (Sandisk Ultra) on sale and combined them on windows to a 2TB drive. Works fine and cost me around 160€ so it was OK.

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Let me put it like this: an unexpected cost, coming 12h before going on vacation… is better not to think about it :smiley: But I did forget that the prices came down a bit :slight_smile:


Enjoy your vacation :slight_smile:


Thanks, I will, I think everything is packed :sweat_smile: Oh and the reply from CyberpowerPC:
Thank you for contacting CyberPowerPC technical support. I’m sorry to hear that Milos. Our warranty only covers parts for 1 year. Any other warranty options you will need to reach directly with the manufacturer of the drive.

Aaaand properly FUBAR:
We do use OEM hardware on our builds which basically means that these can sometimes not be the retail versions you would purchase of the shelf. Instead is bought in bulk for system builders for example. Unforutnelty if this is the case with Seagates warranty policy their 5-year warranty could only reflect retail versions of this hard drive. But as far as CyberpowerPC covering the drive itself. We only do carry a 1-year warranty directly from us. So if within the first year something were to go wrong we would have supplied you with a replacement. I’m sorry for there was any confusion.

Off to bed, early start tomorrow.

Well :poop:.

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First Seagate drive I ever bought was DOA. I got a new one through RMA but have never bought another drive from them after that. Maybe I have trust issues.

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I have been using a 1tb Seagate HDD for sometime, changes maybe around Dec… looking at replacing it with a 4tb HDD from WD or Toshiba.