A Story About My Uncle

Did anyone played this game ? I’m thinking to get it :smiley:

I did. It was alright. Terrible voice acting though and once in a while it made me motion sick XD

shiftysatchmo OKm won’t buy it. Thanks papito

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walruswitalys it wasn’t awful but there are better games to spend your money on

like To the Moon


syncrosis What about A Bird Story? :slight_smile:

What about Bloodborne?

peaceleon just beat to the moon again last night with my wife bc I wanted her to experience it. Now we are going to beat a bird story together. Ps, she cried a bunch

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syncrosis Yeah the game is so emotional

peaceleon sYnCroSis well thank you i think i might get To the Moon or Dream Stone

walruswitalys dude, no OR. Get To the Moon. Cry a bunch. Hate me and love me for the recommendation.

syncrosis I’m all about the love no hate in me XD

walruswitalys if you’re about the love, stop wasting time, buy this game, marathon through it for 3 1/2 hours.

syncrosis Waiting my steam wallet code missing 4$ XD