A toxic mix

Koei Tecmo will behave as far as actually doing qa and not being lazy with assets because EA is the babysitter, but EA being EA kinda of negates that by adding their own flavors of toxicity and incompetence. I haven’t scrolled down to find out what the Mostly Negative is about yet, will give an update after I do. lol

Ah, it’s one of EA’s common problems. Shipped too early. It’s broken af.

Still adding it to my list, if it’s still broken when I get to it, I’ll return it.

That’s a lot of…words towards EA which had little to nothing to do with Wild Hearts development. The game is being published by EA Originals and EA Originals published some really good bangers in the last couple of years. Unraveled 2, It takes two (which won GOTY award), Fe and so on.

KOEI never knew how to port their games to PC and I believe they are to be blamed for the bad port. I thought you already knew that by now lol
KOEI had 5 years to develop the game and they still fucked it up. I’m not trying to defend EA but in this case, KOEI just needs to get their shit together or never release a game on PC ever.

Also, I never knew you were into Monster Hunter games.
You learn something new every dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Some MH games, not others.

I just saw EA and Koei Tecmo side by side and laughed.

I was surprised EA Originals went with MH style of game to publish. Usually they are into more indie stuff. It sucks it’s not polished on PC but I honestly hope it’s at least good on the consoles, since I really do want to play it.

Yeah I’m buying this

I think it is getting review bombed because performance is shit (devs are aware and working on it) and it is $70.

I heard from a few people that the game is otherwise fun.