About the Reviews category

The goal here is to get some nice reviews done, and allow people to comment directly on the game. When posting a new review, please use the template provided at post creation.

The following score template should be used when reviewing a game.
1 — This is literally a terrible game, I would rather uninstall it than ever open it again.
2 — This is bad, I am only playing out of sheer desire to finish a game.
3 — There are several flaws with this game, poor rating.
4 — Not bad, but definitely wouldn’t be my first choice.
5 — Solid all around. Provides some good entertainment, but nothing terribly memorable. A solid, “meh”.
6 — Very good, a cut above average.
7 — Great, noticeably above average.
8 — Excellent and exceptional.
9 — Incredible, an all-time favorite.
10 — Insurpassable, this is my #1 favorite of all time.

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