AC 3: Remastered

Out of nowhere this just happened:

I am torn on this one. I hated Connor, but loved Kenway. I loved the Revolution setting, but the performance was horrible. Connor did have great combat skills… whole mix of things I guess.

If I get it for ridiculously cheap or free someday, I might re beat it.

Not really out of nowhere. They announced it ever since they announced AC Odyssey.
Anyway, I’ll buy it. I liked the game. With the new PC I have, it should run butter smooth.

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I never saw or heard about it online, nor on here, therefore out of nowhere sucker

Nobody even wanted or cared about it so there was almost no news about it except the announcement and the pc requirements. Why remaster it? There are older and better AC games they could have choose to remaster.


Black Flag plz

Ezio plz

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I’m a nobody

@Katsuo: And I’m hungry xD

5 minutes are up. Go get da food