Advice Needed.

I am currently going over my cases specificiations and trying to figure out if it is at all possible to mount a 200mm inside this case at the top where I do not have the dust filter for it. If not inside the case then outside the case, would anyone know if this is possible? I would strap 2 120mm inside the case like I had on my apu build but having issues getting them both in position right now cause of the size of the fans and the heat sinks on the motherboard.

PC Part Picker may be able to show if it is supported.

Looking at the spec sheet, I don’t see a mount for a top fan listed there. It just shows 2 120mm front fans and one rear 120mm fan.

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There really wasn’t mounts for top fans but carefully you can use the top vent holes to secure up to 120mm fans on top. I had 2 in it when I had the case.

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