Advice needed

So I need to replace my dead R9 390x, I’m thinking about GTX 1660 Super, maybe GTX 1660 Ti.
Also, need to decide with manufacturer. Advice?

MSI I hear is pretty decent. I had a MSI RX 470 at one point worked well, I like ASUS my self personally though thats what my 580 is.

If you can, hold off for the rtx3000 series. A 3070 can go toe to toe with a 2080ti. Imagine how good a 3060 or 3050 would be in contrast to 1660ti or any of amd’s trash.

My CPU will bottleneck anything higher. I have i5-4690k, 4.6 Ghz, and not going to change it in the nearest future, so for 1080 gaming, this GPU should be more than enough.

Better be bottlenecked (if that’s a word) with a new GPU that can do much more if you upgrade your CPU one day, than have a used up boring 1080 that’s gonna be irrelevant in 2 years. Keep an eye on KF2 GPUs. They’ll probably have the RTX3xxx GPUs and will cost a lot less than trash like ASUS or MSI and perform literally the same as any of the more known brands.

At least check what the pricing is on the lower end 3000 cards. Even bottlenecked they’re still better than a 1660ti. In usd a 3070 is only a little more than a 1660ti.

GTX 1660 Super costs $300 here, rtx 2060 $440
local nVidia website advertises rtx 3070 for $600. I doubt that rtx 3060 will cost less than $400

Save some cash and get the 3070. It’s not gonna get more expensive. It will be cheaper with time. In the meantime, play mobile games xD

Ok, I will hold on too see rtx 3060 & 3070

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