Alphacool EISBAER AURORA 420mm AIO Review

What an absolute beast of an AIO!


I have a stupid question. Is it possible to mount the pump to the NZXT G12 bracket for the GPU? I want to switch to water cooling for my 2080 because it’s getting really hot. Like, nearly 100C hot. I wanted to get either Kraken x73 or this Aurora that you reviewed.

I don’t see what it wouldn’t be but can’t guarantee anything though.

Also, it sounds to me like your GPU probably just needs some new thermal pads and a repaste to get the temps back down quite a bit. Definitely worth a try as will be much cheaper than any other option.

I’ve applied a new paste and replaced the pads. It reduced the temps from being hot as a sun to being whatever is slightly less hot than a sun.

I’ll probably go with NZXT since I have their H710 case. It should look nice when I’m done building it. But hell, are their stuff expensive…190 euros for non-RGB Kraken x73 and 30 euros for Kraken G12.
Are they owned by Apple or somethin??