Alright so.

After some deliberation, I have decided that by the end of this year ill be doing another upgrade. The parts I currently have such as motherboard, ram & cpu will be used in a 2nd build which I am going to donate to my cousin who currently only has a laptop which is rather old and crummy. However, this time I will either be going Ryzen or Intel Skylake/Kabby lake… and will ONLY require the following items.

1: CPU
2: Motherboard
4: Cooler

I will not be making a decision untill I see the info in two weeks on Ryzen. I do not want this to be like my last upgrade either so ill be waiting before making decisions and weighing pros, cons, and flexability of the build. Right now however, I am leaning highly at Ryzen and hoping its everything they are saying because if it is not I will be going Intel and not looking back.

Well avg PC in my avg opinion, is Ryzen the R5 1500,6C/12T or R5 1600x if you OC. R1700 or 1700x. Clearly if you an X99 man, then why would you be asking the question of which CPU to get.

Mobo is always a personal choice, so mine would be a toss up between AsRock X370 Taichi or Gaming K4. MSI boards look good too.

Like my DDR4 Ballistix Sport LTs.

Cooler: Air (based on the 1500) Be Quiet Dark rock Pro
Liquid… don’t know enough sorry.

Trainsmash Yea, I am currently going to be watching the R5 1400X as it has 4/8 and a price range of 199$ which if im correct puts it in the range of the i5 6600k.

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Gorkie R5 1400x is where I would am if it performs like a 6600K. Agreed, but reviews first. Definately keen on AMD CPU if it is what they say is true.

Trainsmash Yep, plan to wait and watch for Ryzen here,

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