Amazon Prime Day

I guess Amazon will have a bunch of sales “that rival black Friday” tomorrow, July 12th, starting at 12am PST.

I wish I needed something… I have $30 off spending $150. I could get Steam gift cards I guess?

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teh_g pre order a few games?

My wife and I checked it out last year. We thought it was pointless. Most of the deals were blah. We did buy some things but it wasn’t cause they were insane deals.

MysticHydro the 4k samsung monitor I was considering dropped to 300 for it so that’s pretty good. I decided to spring for the viewsonic one anyway though XD


Found this. Apparently you can get $10 Amazon Credit. And you can unsubscribe from the Audible thing anytime. #Steal_hackz

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Not working for meee :’(

Katsuo you have to be a prime member

ShiftySatchmo I am


Important Message
Thank you for signing up for Amazon Prime. Although your free trial has started and you have access to your Prime benefits, membership management functionality will be available once we can verify your payment method. This could take up to 3 days from the start of your free trial.

Phew…can’t wait that much.

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