Vega 64 club. Woo Woo.

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Asus as well!

I kind of am hoping for just an AMD made one, the renders I saw looked slick.

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Does anyone know when are the GPUs available to preorder? Or preordering isn’t possible? I’m bad at shopping.

I haven’t seen anything yet.

My conundrum with upgrading is that I have an “old” 2160x1080 monitor that is “just” 60hz. So I know as soon as I got the 500+ dollar GPU, I’d want to upgrade my monitor too. Then suddenly Ive spent nearly a grand. Plus if I went AMD I’d eventually want to do this whole Rzyen 5k “rage mode” junk too probably… And I’d just wind up playing some shitty indie 2D platformer on it. Haha. I’ll never say never, but I think I’ll still be a Vega64 boy for a decent while still. Frees up more money for my household projects I got going. I do tend to use my kitchen more than I play AAA games!


Yeahhhh. I do everything at 1440p and have a 144hz monitor, so the extra power will be nice. I can hit 60fps in most stuff with the Vega64 already, so having the extra power will be delightful.


While you’re all at it…buy LG CX. Be an idiot like me. Buy it.

Tbh, I would… love to get a RX 6800 but after my issues with the RX 5700 I had, I am weary… the 3060 Ti I am waiting to hear more information about… Dec I am having to get a new PSU mines been acting up and is nearly 5 years old and past its warranty so we will see what the future holds lol.

I expected them to undercut Nvidia more on price. Do you think they’ll have better drivers too? Only time will tell. Yay competition if it works out

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If the 6900 XT is truly on par with the 3090, it is $500 cheaper… That seems like a good undercut to me.

I haven’t had driver issues for a while with my Vega64.


Nah I mean the other one that is only $50 less than the 3080. The one people might actually buy. Also, like you can ever get a suggested cost card once manufacturers get their hands on it haha

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