Ampeg BA-110v2

My parents got me this amp for my birthday! If you’re looking for a practice/small gig bass amp, I highly recommend this one. It sounds so good!

Ampeg BA110V2 BA-110V2 40W 10" Bass Combo Amplifier

ShiftySatchmo I did not know, that you play Bass.

MeFFFlenn casually. I’m more of a regular guitar player.

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ShiftySatchmo Regular Guitar player?! You haven´t talked to alot of guitar players in your life … have you?! XD
More Statocaster or more Les Paul?! :wink:

MeFFFlenn haha I have 3 acoustics and 3 strats. I also have a mandolin, a ukulele and a bass.

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ShiftySatchmo See and i got only 4 electrics 1 HSH Yamaha Super Strat, 1 Les Paul copy and 2 SG copy/type guitars. And i got a Line 6 Flextone 2 XL combo and a VHT Special 6 Head&Cab + some pedals… So if you are regular, then i am weird XD

MeFFFlenn haha I have some pedals and a couple of amps, but the amps are all combos since I don’t need anything crazy. I have a 1964 Fender Mustang ooooo

ShiftySatchmo I think my most special stuff is the Dwarfcraft Devices Shiva Fuzz and my JTR Design/Samick Elvira guitar wich can be seen on my profile btw :wink:

Tried to learn the bass when I was younger, kinda did it for chicks at first then after my car accident I did it for therapy. I miss my B.C. Rich Warlock, that thing was bad ass. To tell the truth though the Ibenez at the music store played so much easier, thinner neck.