Android Backup and Restore

What is the best app(s)/method(s) to use so that you have as little work left as possible after a restore?

I use the Samsung’s thing that does everything automatically. Sooooooooooooooooooo yeah.

Newer Android versions do a pretty great job of restoring data now. I don’t even both backing up beforehand since everything I need gets restored.

If you have root, I loved TitaniumBackup.

I just use whatever Google does automagically. It seems to work fine whenever I swap phones. Cloud backup sync doodad.


I’m mostly concerned about app data, not the apps themselves. I know they will redownload, I just don’t want to have to re-add all my alarms, relogin to all my accounts, redrag all my apps to like 6 different desktops in the order that i want, reselect my custom ringtone/notifications sound…etc.

Ah, not having to reset the shortcuts would be nice. I know it retains your wallpaper and such at least.

I just manually installed the ota for the latest patch for my galaxy s8 active. Had to redo most of the stuff. Didn’t realize it was going to flash the firmware and wipe the phone. All my google stuff was backed up, all my contacts were backed up, which apps I had installed were backed up. But none of the app data.

Since that phone was only supposed to be sold to at&t customers, I don’t get updates pushed to me. Figure I should find out the best backup/restore software before the next time.