Another Job Change

Back to games…not necessarily ones we’d play, but I enjoy programming things intended for entertainment even if I wouldn’t play them.


Always good when work is something you enjoy



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hire me please !!!

I literally just finished day one. 3 months probation lol. I think their site has job openings… get on linkedin. That’s how I got at least my last 15 jobs.

I’m probably gonna change mine by the end of the year. It all depends on Amazon if they gonna promote me or not.

BUT, congrats! Hopefully you’ll have fun there. Make a new Persona 6 game pls


u work at Amazon? damn… You guys work on cool place’s while i work in Accounts in a Paper factory company where i dont get paid enough. Wtf i am doing with my life -_-

Well, it’s not really a cool place if I’m already planning to leave the company lol

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I have worked at two jobs the last 30 years. I don’t change much. LOL

I work for a small business, we install sound systems and projector systems for mainly houses of worship and theaters, and then everything else that is audio video related. Yesterday I was at a law enforcement gun range working on their PA system that they use to communicate with the people being trained.

Pay is awful, but its interesting and fun (usually!) and I set my own hours and literally get away with anything I want, so there is the trade off.

In the game industry it isn’t common to stay at the same job for long. At least I can attest to that as a programmer. One reason a job can be short lived is that you were hired as a contractor instead of as an employee. So when the job’s done, your jobs done. They often call you back for more but no guarantees. Another reason is that programmers are in high demand so we end up being poached by other companies for more money/better benefits/etc. In the case of this job, they pay the same sallary/benefits as the previous but they give me a full month of vacation, 5 sicks, 5 whatever days, rrsp options, bonus pay, and a few other things I can’t think of at the moment. Also they have waaaaay less crunch than my previous job. This was verified to me via friends who already work there.

Now the job I had before my previous job I had for between 7 and 8 years. Programming shit for the military. I stayed there so long because it was stupid simple and guaranteed no overtime because government people are rarely qualified for their position and hate signing papers in order for us to do overtime. BUT their workflow and procedures were such horse shit. At first I was annoyed then soon became jaded. I figured, you want me to do it the shit way, I’ll do it the shit way. It’s your dime. But after 7 years I couldn’t take it anymore and left.

I can also say, the reason for leaving any of the jobs has never been coworker problems. It’s always been either the corpos are fuckwits or I went for more money.

Congrats man!

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