Anthem Close Alpha


Anyone else is taking part in the closed alpha? im trying to contain my hype for this game EA is involved after all lol.


I stopped participating in pre-release game versions a long time ago. However little, QA people get paid. I’m not doing it for free. Plus it lessens your enjoyment of the actual product at release.


I’m in it Sunday afternoon. I just want to play it for like an hour to see what it is like. Demo style. I never give any feedback on these haha.


Same here just want to try it a few hours and see if the game worth buying it when release


You could do the same trial at launch. Play. If no like, return.

What if you don’t like the alpha/beta but you do like the final product?

Just all seems like time would be better spent playing finished games.


Can you return games on Origin?


According to their 2013 rules, you have from 7 days of purchase or 24hrs from first launch.
The rules may be diff in 2018.


No, because from how I understand it you need to have Origin Access or Primer in order to get in any more and untill I can upgrade my pc im not spending money on Origin Monthly subs right now lol.


I didn’t get in. I really wanted to try it out. I guess I’ll just buy it.


Awesome game, i really loved the gameplay, the ironman flying and combat felt a little bit clunky for me, im waiting some time after the release to decide if this game really worth the little time i have.

I’m very interested in the Division 2 and Beyond Good and Evil 2, let’s see which game gets me.


I know I’ll definitely buy division 2 and anthem. BGE2 is kinda meh. Need more to see.


BGE2 looks like it lost everything about BGE


I don’t mind if they are trying something new but it shouldn’t be called BGE2 if it has absolutely nothing BGE in it. But then again, they didn’t show anything so I cant say if it has anything BGE.