Any idea about mobile games?


as i have a decent phone now i would like to play games there while i am stuck at traffic for 3-4 hours every day. i looked for some games by myself at play store also tried to google but couldnt find much cause all of them have “ad” issue also so many other complications.

i am looking for a RPG Game (free obviously :3 ) (PVE) which have decent gameplay to make me keep playing the game. dont care about the graphics. So can anyone suggest me anything?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Step 1. Download PPSSPP emulator for android.

Step 2. Download next roms:

Legend of Heroes III - Song of the Ocean
Wild Arms XF
Ys VII 6
Brave Story - New Traveller
Jeanne D’Arc
Crisis Core - FF VII
The Legend of Heroes - Trails of the Sky SC

Step 3: Enjoy.


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wait i didnt know there is PSP emu already out there even for android…thanks a lot man…i am gonna try all that one by one