Anyone interested in helping with a Pay it forward build?

I know it’s been a while since I have done this and honestly it feels weird asking but, well, there it is! I need a few parts to complete a build, mainly a case(cheap but decent) and I was hoping to get a 128GB SSD to make it feel a bit snappier behind a Pentium CPU. I sold off what I could already and unfortunately I didn’t get as much for the 1275 watt PSU as I wanted and damn RAM prices skyrocketed and then of course shipping always gets you! I think I can get by with about $80-100 total. Hell if someone has an SSD laying around unused and want to donate it that works as well! Cases are usually too expensive to ship, even empty though if you have something and want to check on shipping PM me and we can talk about it.

I was thinking something like this for the case

Or this one

Last cheap but decent case

128gb SSD or something similar

So, uh, yeah. Most of you know me and know that I have helped in the past and would like to consider myself trustworthy!

Dear ZOD… Nice cases :smiley: Paypal? :slight_smile:


milkywayman Yes Paypal works, I’ll PM you with the address. Which case do you like the most? I prefer the white but then i’m sort of case racist and hate basic black cases! hahaha However I know I am in the minority in that department! :slight_smile:

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While the white is nice looking, I see that it’s a micro ATX case while the other two are MIDI… :smiley: And I do like the first one hehe :smiley:

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milkywayman Crap good catch I think I linked the wrong white one. Ill find the one I meant to link and fix it!

milkywayman Ok look now, it should be the correct one.

Uuuu now that one is nice :smiley:

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milkywayman For $40 plus $5.xx shipping I think so as well!

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So not even a comment from anyone else? That’s cool. The goal was reached. The parts were purchased.

I haven’t even seen this post! I have 10 euros!


Katsuo Thank you but milkywayman helped me out and I am just waiting on part delivery, then, well, shipping them elsewhere haha.


Spinalfailed Thank you milkywayman !!

Elsewhere you say? Where could that be? Mmmmh? \o/

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Katsuo it wouldn’t be a surprise of i said where it’s going!


I just want to say that it’s an absolutely fantastic thing to do mate! I know who it is for now, but won’t reveal it. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it!