Anyone wanna have fun ?

Playing Killing floor 2 PVP or something together that all of us play and do the team speak thing hihihih <3 <3 <3

Also Ask me anything you want i answer you. XD

What’s your favorite color?

ShiftySatchmo Green and not the 420 blaze it green XD


my internet has been pretty bad, i almost can’t play online :confused: haven`t had the chance to own zombies with you on kf2 since i got it.

manguit0u Hope it gets better bro so we can play :smiley:

ArsonSami hahaha sadly is getting worse next month i’m downgrading what i have to the lower conex here, due of an increase of price of 1000%

What is the meaning of life?

jCARS Nothing in the end you die XD

ArsonSami said in Anyone wanna have fun ?:

jCARS Nothing in the end you die XD

Really? No revive? I just leveled up and was expecting to have extra life.

A/S/L? :laughing:


schlitty I didn’t saw someone ask that since IRC era lol hahahaha 26/M/Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina XD

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I’m 3000 miles from my PC, or I’d come play.

ArsonSami Looks like I’m two days late.

jCARS The meaning of life is 42.

If you do not understand this reference… shame on you. :stuck_out_tongue: