AOC 24G2ZU 240 Hz Gaming Monitor review

First time trying a 240Hz monitor and was thoroughly impressed with it. Shame it was on 1080P or I’d of considered making it my daily monitor!

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Might wanna check Samsung G7 Odyssey. 32" 1440p 240Hz. I feel like I’ll never be able to go back to lower res screens. Or anything lower than 32". Or anything below 240Hz.

That’s the problem! Once you get a taste of the good life, can never go back to being a scrub :wink:

I just got this one;

It’s nice enough. I was coming from 2560x1080 36" ultrawide so there was no way I could go lower than 32" as far as physical size. Same amount of pixel real estate side to side so my workflow didn’t change. Works with gsync. I can dig it.

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