Arctic Cooling MX-4

This is the first time I used this thermal paste and I have to say I am absolutely blown away by it :smiley: When I bought my blower style gtx 760 temps under load would go as high as 82 C. With mx-4 it dropped down to 59 under load. Freaking amazing. As for cpu… i7 860 which is 95W chip, with CM Nepton 120XL and mx-4 the maximum temperature I’ve got is 39C after maybe half an hour of Paladins. Idle it sits between 23-26. I love this thing haha

de malo u fildzan pa ponesi ono ko u ratu s uljem hahahha

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Arsononion hahahahah xD da ti ne bude malo fildžan? :stuck_out_tongue: kad budem slao ploču daću ti da pokupiš s procesora šta ostane hahahah


English mother bitches! ENGLISH! :grinning:


Spinalfailed i wrote to him to give me some thermal paste in a small coffee cup like people used to trade oil during the war hahha


Spinalfailed said in Arctic Cooling MX-4:

English mother bitches! ENGLISH! :grinning:

You want badges, I’ll give you badges… 99c each.

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Recently bypassed MX-4 for a run with MasterGel Nano… so far very impressed, might be worth looking at rethermal pasting my gpu next.

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Gelid GC Extreme - love it XD