ArenaNet is Great

Hands down the best communication and the smoothest experience I’ve ever had with video game tech support. Kudos to them!

(I had issues getting into my GW2 account because it has been a couple of years.)

GW2 is awesome, ANet is awesome, everyone is awesome. I wanted to get back to GW2 since they made A LOT new content. I had once problems to login into my account and as an apology they offered me 50% off “coupon” for the HoT expansion. Gave it to my friend, she bought the expansion for herself and she still plays it. Great MMO, great devs, great support. XD


Katsuo yeah, I haven’t played in a year or two and they added quite a bit to the base game. I enjoy it! Glad I’m back.

ShiftySatchmo I want screenshotssssss

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