Assassin's Creed Odyssey system requirements revealed (not interested anymore)

System requirements before launch don’t mean much.

I was never interested. It is a DLC of Origins as far as I’m concerned. And aside from Unity which after the first hour was atrocious, that was the only AC I ever gave up on. Nothing will ever be Black Flag again… I wish they’d just remake that one…


Play Rogue. It’s essentially an expansion for Black Flag. I loved it! It was overshadowed by Unity because Rogue was released at the same time as Unity. Rogue was on 360/ps3/pc and Unity was on one/ps4/pc.

I’m going to at least try Odyssey. I had to return Origins because of micro-stutters.

Origins is my favorite AC game. Definitely looking forward to odyssey.

Yeah, the stutters made me refund on steam. They were gone on PS4 but after 20 hours I found myself bored. The fact I couldn’t progress the main story missions until I grinded random horrible side missions for 10 hours to go up 5 levels made me stop playing.

As for the others, I own Rogue and Liberation and haven’t tried either yet, so good to know!

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You will really like Rogue if you like Black Flag.

Also, if you return a game on steam, don’t buy it on another platform. It rewards bad behavior.

Haha I really wanted to play it!

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