Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

I am very surprised to say I love this game so far. I didn’t like Origins much and abandoned it 50% through because it just felt boring and tedious to me. I had no intention of playing Odyssey, but I’ve been eyeing the Yeti mic, and this came with it in a sweet deal.

Welp, this is much more than just a reskin of Origins. It is really awesome so far. Great characters, voice acting, FINALLY AN AC GAME WITH SOLID PERFORMANCE ON PC, fun combat, skill tree, and Kassandra is awesomeeee. The graphics are gorgeous too, lots of screenshots weeee



I love the game as well. I also loved Origins as the story gets really dark towards the end. In my opinion, both games are absolutely well crafted and worth every cent.

Origins lost me when I couldn’t progress without doing more side missions, and the side missions were super tedious and boring. I actually love the side missions in Odyssey so far

I don’t know. I did everything in Origins because I liked the side missions. But the side missions are way better in Odyssey, that’s for sure.

I like Greece better than Egypt too

Next game might be in London.

Ugh they’ve done that. How about do a more modern one like World War 2

I’d like Japan. Edo timeline or something like that.

Agreed, but I think I’d like a Japan/Ninja Farcry more. I’d love that type of setting

Weren’t they supposed to do like w WWI or WWII game? That could be cool

I don’t like Assassin’s Creed series in general, especially as fan of Prince of Persia ( you know why), but Egypt and Greek mythologies look so damn attractive.

So that mean you’ll skip Mordor too for same reason?

You know Mordor has better combat damn it

He’s saying AC ripped PoP, well Mordor ripped AC, so trying to see where this goes

Minecraft ripped Mordor

AC ripped PoP? I disagree. I could go for a PoP full remake mmmm

It’s what people say, though I don’t agree. PoP didn’t care about assassinations and AC wasn’t Fantasy enough.

I mean PoP started the parkour stuff and the very base of the combat, but it wasn’t open world and had awesome super time powers pew pew

Also can a studio rip off its own game? Seems strange (both were Ubisoft Montreal and Gameloft)

AC was born from POP, it was going to be POP: Assassins, but Ubisoft decided to make it a new title. It was successful and they turned it into money conveyor. And while making new AC games, they froze POP, especially after the shitty POP: Forgotten Sands.