Astral Chain

This is my next game! It’s an action jrpg (not 100% sure if it’s rpg, but has rpg elements so far) that is too hard to explain. You’re part of a special police unit that has found the ability to enslave creatures from another dimension and use them to fight other creatures from another dimension trying to invade. Really fun so far. Only downside is 30fps. Will post more later!

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No 60 fps? No 4k dsr? What are you doing? :smiley:

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Switch exclusive.

This game is fucking awesome! Also, I think it’s variable frame rate. Sometimes feels 30, sometimes feels 60.

I love it. I’m close to finishing it. It has some nice plot twists. I’m still sad I paid for it 40 bucks instead 60.

It’s 80cad (91 after tax). Nintendo is the apple of gaming. Overpriced, under-powered, less features.

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True. Price is the only reason I’m not buying their games often.

But consistent quality at least (for Nintendo…not sure about Apple)

This one was fun. I liked it a lot.


Apple has always had quality software, only this year are they getting the hang of hardware with the cheese grater tower. Everything else thermal throttles down to the point that you may as well have bought a regular laptop with a cpu of less than 1/4 the power. That said they shouldn’t be allowed to call their products pro with AMD video cards. AMD hasn’t made high end cards since probably the Fury X? You can’t call mid range cards pro. At least not for game development, video editing, or other work load that actually uses the gpu. They have some moronic beef with nvidia. They’re a business they should just follow the money and use the actual best cards.

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I still find it crazy they charge $300 to go from a 128GB SSD to a 256 (and a tiny clock boost) in a laptop and people pay for it.

Only reason I have one is to publish to iOS.

Just beat this yesterday! Fucking epic game! Recommended!

One minor caveat, the credits roll after ch11. Start ch12 just for the cut scene. The rest is busywork. Move on to the next game from there.


That seems to be a trend. Death stranding plays the credits only to start a new chapter with 10 minutes of gameplay and a cutscene. Then they play the credits on you a second time.

Just finished it! Definitely an epic game. So glad I bought this. I wish the game got more recognition. It’s really freaking good. Also, I like the useless feature when you beat the game on credit rolls. The Switch vibrates based on how the music plays. I found that cool haha

If you have Switch, buy this game. Fuck pokemon, get Astral Chain instead.


Do both.