Astro's Playroom

Finished this masterpiece. I swear, I have never been so happy while playing a game. If you have a PS5, THIS is the game you have to play first. Not only it’s showing you what the new controller can do but the amount of attention of detail in this game is just insane. There are a million Easter Eggs. Tons of collectibles and the plaftform levels are just super fun. There is no story, just some fun platforming with some interesting boss fights.

10/10 no joke


Not bad for free. I forgot I beat this and didn’t list it oh noooooo

yah i heard its amazing

Well I’m making an exception. Because I just got the console, I’m going to alternate every other day between this and Tales of Arise. This is an excellent 3d platforming collectothon, and an excellent tech demo. Every console should have something like this on launch.
I highly recommend playing on a 4k 120+ hz display with hdr with at least 1000nits peak brightness. Boy does it look pretty.
Will post more later.


I hope they release a new astro with full story and all


It was a surprisingly great bundled game.

Beat it. It’s very well done. Would play a sequel. Recommended!