Asura's Wrath

I wanted to play this game ever since it was announced 11 years ago. Now I played it and I loved it. It’s literally an interactive anime with gameplay attached to it. Very nice and sad story, very pretty theme of the entire thing and I love these grand scale battles between good and evil. This game is literally a mix of Bayonetta and God of War with less combat and lots of QTEs.

Unfortunately it didn’t sell well (around 180k copies sold) and even if you want to buy it now and play it, finding it on retail will cost you around 40 bucks if you wanted a decent copy of the game. Digitally is basically impossible to buy. At least for me in Germany.

I want a remake or remaster or something of this. Capcom, you fucks, do it…


Can’t post the store page of the game because it doesn’t exist, so here’s gameplay footage.

Is it remastered or the ps3 version?

Thought this was self-explanatory xD

I stopped reading to look it up on steam…then google… then forgot to continue reading.

I think it’s on PS Now but I’m not sure if it’s gonna run well. The game barely runs on my ps3. Sometimes it struggles to keep the 30 fps. I played it mostly because I really wanted to play it back in 2011. I enjoyed it a lot but my eyes were definitely bleeding.

I’m not gonna bother until a remaster/remake.